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Why I Love Wrestling

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Accompanied by his stout, suited confidante. A tall, handsome pile of muscles hides beneath a satin cloth, surrounded by a wall of mirrors – the eyes of 40 thousand screaming fans watch as he pulls off his silky cape, revealing his sequined swimming trunks. He gesticulates towards the baying attendees who squeal in delight at his hard, tanned physique.


It’s unique. This format, several shows a week, hours of wrestling. Followed by other promotions, PPV's and internet streams. It’s unrelenting.

The length of time I watch a character in and around the ring allows me to gain a much better understand of their personality, their skills, weaknesses and ambitions.

Spending 5, 10 even 15 years watching an athlete grow from a young upstart on a local independent show to a headliner at Wrestlemania with millions of fans watching around the world.

The ups and downs they traverse, injury, their personal lives and waning fan appreciation all play pivotal roles, but at it’s core – watching someone who I feel a real sense of belief in, overcome the odds, through gleaming face runs and dastardly heel turns – is something that I’ve always cherished.

Throw in a heap of fireworks, tons of soap opera drama, some death-defying stunts on top of this well-choreographed battle ballet and I’m all in.

But there is a darker, more intriguing side to this illustrious industry.

Institutional racism. The objectification of women and sexism. Insider trading and corporate back-stabbing. Sexual assault, bribery and murder. All these terrible acts rear their ugly heads along the long and twisted history of the squared circle.

The Dod Wrestle Pod aims to investigate, reflect and report. Shining a light on some of the more interesting, darker corners of the grappling universe.

Classic pay-per-views and current events. Terrible wrestling films, memories from a superstar’s biography. Reviews of naff wrestling merch and garbage gimmicks. I want to explore the world of pro-wrestling through my video and written series, with you.


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